Fiona Dobie    Singing Teacher/ EFT and HeartSpeak

Welcome to my website!  


I love people finding what they are really looking for, and I have all kinds of resources that can help you to enjoy reaching your goals.


What I contribute as a singing teacher, is an alchemy of my long experience as a singer, performer, teacher and now energy practitioner. I have so much to be grateful for, both in the musicians and teachers I have been privileged to work with, but also with so much continuing learning from my life's journey.


My teaching has been greatly enhanced as an associate teacher of David Jones, the New York-based international singing teacher, for over ten years.

David's 'Swedish Italian Technique' comes from a distinguished line, leading from the Italian bel canto school, through the teachers of Jussi Bjorling and Kirsten Flagstadt to the present day.  

The David Jones Voice Studio page on Facebook is a wonderful resource. Click that you 'like' it and you'll receive his regular inspirational blogs.


I heard Gerald Finley talking on the radio the other day, and what he said reflects what I feel about singing:


'' We need to train like an athlete to allow optimal body function and at the same time be able to keep vibrational freedom in our whole being to be able to express fully as an artist.

Singing is one of the most vulnerable activities an artist can encounter. Music has the power of connecting people emotionally, sharing very special moments of vulnerability, intimacy, letting go, and opening up the essence and listening to your soul.''


As singers, we need the combination of using our bodies optimally (state of the art singing technique) and being able to release into vibrational energy that allows full expression.

I encourage all who work with me, to explore and be curious from a place of being present and in the moment.


My energy practitioner work began over 7 years ago, and I work with singers and non-singers too.

This work feeds beautifully into freeing people from unhelpful beliefs that hold them back.

I'm working more and more with singers who are finding that singing lessons and using energy protocols give them new-found release and depth in their sound and performance.



You can book to have singing lessons...or book to do energy work.....some people choose to do both.


Singing sessions are usually at my home in Oxford.


EFT/ HeartSpeak sessions are available in Oxford too, and also possible by Skype.


Do get in touch if you feel drawn towards positive change!














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